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Full-stack web applications, data visualization, and miscellany

About Me

I'm a licensed professional engineer and full-stack software developer. I use my engineering expertise to create software that advances sustainable practices in the built environment and build the tools I wish I had when working solely as a design professional.

I have experience / interest in the following:

  • data visualization
  • research in sustainable design and embodied carbon accounting
  • open source engineering software (FEA, interoperability, etc.)
  • building digital tools to complement engineering expertise
  • equity in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
  • optimization in computational design

I currently work on a contract basis. Please feel free to reach out with any project ideas or opportunities for collaboration.

Skills and Services

Data Visualization
Database Design
Full-stack Web Applications
Python Optimization
Blender Plugin Development



Circular Algorithms (with Summum Engineering)

Investigation of databases of reclaimed materials within the Netherlands, including API probing and mapping. Project shown: De Warren by Natrufied Architecture (Photo courtesy Summum Engineering)

API DevelopmentStructural EngineeringCircular EconomySustainabilityResearchPython
Circular Algorithms

Sustainable Design in U.S. Communities

Data exploration and visualization of LEED (green building) rated projects in the U.S. since the formation of the U.S. Green Building Council. Projects are cross referenced against the U.S. Census Bureau's Disadvantaged Census Tract Data to explore the prevalence of sustainable design in disadvantaged communities (Staff pick from Observable team)

Data VisualizationSustainabilityData AnalysisD3Visidata
LEED Buildings Census Data


Maryanne Wachter